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Asset management investment company 

Zantech Trading  is the asset management investment company you should be dealing with if you want your asset and wealth management done right. Since we opened our doors we have changed the face of wealth management in South Africa with the way we do our business and we foresee ourselves being the asset management investment company of choice for many in the near future.

What is asset management? And what benefits do i get from engaging an asset management investment company like Zantech Trading?"Asset management is maintaining a desired level of service for what you want your assets to provide at the lowest life cycle cost. Lowest life cycle cost refers to the best appropriate cost for rehabilitating, repairing or replacing an asset. Asset management is implemented through an asset management program and typically includes a written asset management plan"

The benefits of wealth and investment management are as follows

Prolonging asset life and aiding in rehabilitate/repair/replacement decisions through efficient and focused operations and maintenance.

• Meeting consumer demands with a focus on system sustainability.

• Setting rates based on sound operational and financial planning.

• Budgeting focused on activities critical to sustained performance.

• Meeting service expectations and regulatory requirements.

• Improving response to emergencies.

• Improving security and safety of assets.

Network and Marketing

Zantech Trading also specialises in network and marketing as we know how a good network and marketing strategy can change the face of a business. We make use of the latest network marketing model to help transform your business.Network marketing relies on a network of distributers to recruit other distributers and customers to buy and sell a product. This model has been tried and tested and widely used by many network marketing companies in South Africa.

With Zantech Trading you will know and understand what is wealth management because that is one of our specialities. We are the Wealth Creator that will take you to the next level and make you a leader in your field. We have a team of experienced professionals who believe in integrity and a high level of customer service. We let our customers dictate the parameters they want us to operate in though we will give you the pros and cons as well as the risks associated with your choice.

We have offices all over South Africa so wherever you are you will be able to find us so we can help you. For more information on some of our other offerings, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Email us at or visit